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A Career In Medical Billing And Coding - Is It For Me?

RRP $15.99

The purpose of this work is to offer those interested in a career in the Medical Billing and Coding field an insight on what they may expect before investing a great amount of time, energy, and expense into a career they may not have enough information about to make an informed decision. It is intended to be an introduction to the field in general and perhaps to answer some of the common questions asked by those considering this career field. While it can not answer every question, the book comes with unlimited email questions to the author related to the works content and topic to further assist those exploring this career path. This work is not intended or represented to be an instruction manual or teaching guide in the practice of Medical Billing or Medical Coding.

Basic Concepts In Information Theory And Coding

RRP $29.99

Basic Concepts in Information Theory and Coding is an outgrowth of a one- semester introductory course that has been taught at the University of Southern California since the mid-1960s. Lecture notes from that course have evolved in response to student reaction, new technological and theoretical develop- ments, and the insights of faculty members who have taught the course (in- cluding the three of us). In presenting this material, we have made it accessible to a broad audience by limiting prerequisites to basic calculus and the ele- mentary concepts of discrete probability theory. To keep the material suitable for a one-semester course, we have limited its scope to discrete information theory and a general discussion of coding theory without detailed treatment of algorithms for encoding and decoding for various specific code classes. Readers will find that this book offers an unusually thorough treatment of noiseless self-synchronizing codes, as well as the advantage of problem sections that have been honed by reactions and interactions of several gen- erations of bright students, while Agent 00111 provides a context for the discussion of abstract concepts.

Coding And Documentation Compliance For The Icd And Dsm

RRP $402.99

Coding and Documentation Compliance for the ICD and DSM provides professionals, professors, and students with a logical and practical way of understanding a difficult topic in healthcare for the clinician: coding. Established professionals will find the tools they need to comply with the ICD series, HIPAA, and integrated care models. Professors and students will appreciate having a systemized, standardized approach to teaching and learning the more complex aspects of ICD compliance. The interplay between the ICD and DSM manuals is also explicated in clear terms.


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